Over $366 Million Dollars…

Written by Waisner on March 9th, 2015

was raked-in by seven collector car auction companies in January 2015 which is a moderate increase over last January 2014 that hovered around $322 million dollars. These are still big numbers that show that collector cars and Corvettes are desirable and sought after commodities. Highlights

from the January collector car auctions:

1969 L88 T-Top… Sold $495,000.00

1964 F.I. Tanker… Sold $448,200.00

1953 #211 Race Car… No Sale $2,000,000.00

As 2014 was drawing to a close, Hagerty, the classic car valuations and insurance leader reports North American classic car auction sales had reached a $1.3 billion total for the year. Powered by strong third quarter auctions, 2014 sales surpassed the $1.2 billion witnessed in 2013. Hagerty predicts 2015 will see slower growth after five years of consistent double-digit increases with more modest gains – approximately 5% – across the entire classic car market. This shows that the popularity of Corvette collecting in on the rise. Questions or comments? Email: [email protected]

Classic Corvettes on the RIse

Terry Michaelis and Fred Michaelis working the Scottsdale Auctions



Flipbook discusses history, significance, legacy

Written by Waisner on January 9th, 2015

1953 NASCAR Corvette 50-Page documentary. Never before seen old photos, Chevrolet Engineering build orders, & the history of how Ed Cole and Chevrolet Engineering saved the Corvette from the chopping block. http://www.nascarcorvette.com/i/442661



ProTeam Goes on the Road…

Written by Waisner on December 22nd, 2014

in January 2015 on a coast to coast search for rare and desirable Corvettes. We will travel to California, Arizona and then to Florida searching for Corvettes to buy for our affluent customer base. Thinking of selling your Corvette? Fill out our form at CorvettesWanted.com or email: [email protected]


ProTeam will spend much of January traveling to supplement World Famous Corvette Collection

Also… ProTeam’s Historic NASCAR Corvette VIN #211 has been consigned to the Barrett-Jackson auction for the January 2015 big event in Scottsdale, Arizona. This award winning race car is scheduled to cross the block on Saturday, January 17th and it is The Earliest Known Corvette Race Car, complete with very early NASCAR and Chevrolet Engineering documentation. Included with the sale of #211 is a matching 1953 pedal car and NASCAR showcase. Send large self-addressed stamped envelope ($2.50) U.S. for 52-page documentary to ProTeam, PO Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545


NASCAR Corvette #211 and companion pedal car



1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit…

Written by Waisner on October 22nd, 2014
1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit-1 1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit-5 1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit-3
1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit-4 1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit-2

THE EARLIEST KNOWN CORVETTE RACE CAR, VIN E53F001211. This Daytona Beach “NASCAR Unit” was created by Chevrolet Engineering for NASCAR stock car racing, and was probably a dual branding effort between Chevrolet’s Ed Cole and NASCAR’s Bill France. This effort was part of Ed Cole’s push to save the Corvette from extinction (700 sales in 1955) and Chevrolet’s first effort in creating a brand image of speed and performance lasting through seven generations of Corvettes.

This Daytona Beach NASCAR 1953 Corvette Convertible, VIN # E53F001211, is one of two, a 1953 and a 1955, that were built/rebuilt by Chevrolet Engineering to be equipped with dual four high output 1956 engines, 3 speed close ratio transmissions, heavy duty rear end assemblies, plastic tonneau covers, small racing windshields and relocated gauges per Mauri Rose. Work was done by Chevrolet Experimental Shop and Garage, subject title: “REBUILDING OF NASCAR CORVETTES FOR STOCK CAR RACING”, dated November 3, 1955. This project was under the direction of Ed Cole and the conversion was under the supervision of 3-time Indy 500 Winner, Mauri Rose.

Delivered to Smokey Yunick, Daytona Beach, Florida in early February 1956 in time for promotional NASCAR photos with Bill France Jr. and Joe Hawkins and the subsequent February 12 -26, 1956 Annual Winter Daytona Beach Classics which included the 7th Annual International Safety and Speed Trials and Stock Car Races (race number 27).

Prior to rebuild by Chevrolet Engineering, this 1953 VIN #211 was raced by NASCAR’s legendary Thomas Brothers (Herb & Don), Junior Johnson, Jimmy Massey, Ralph Liguori, and Gwyn Staley at the Bowman Gray Stadium, Martinsville Speedway and Raleigh Speedway in 1955 (race number 62).

After the February 1956 Daytona Beach races, this car returned to the grit and grime of the legendary North Carolina NASCAR race tracks, primarily Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem, where it was driven by Pee Wee Jones, Bobby Myers, Gwyn Staley, Junior Johnson and Jimmy Massey with race numbers 3 & 27.

In 1958, Mr. Leslie Gray Tuttle purchased #211 from NASCAR and received the GM – MSO and became the first titled owner of #211, and over fifty years later, Mr. Tuttle provided conclusive evidence that helped identify #211 as the original NASCAR Daytona Beach and Carolina Racer.

Documented with the Chevrolet Engineering department build orders and vintage photos from private collections, Chevrolet and the NASCAR archives! This is the earliest known Corvette to run NASCAR’s sanctioned events…and the earliest known Corvette to ever race thus “A Pioneer of Speed”…and a fascinating chapter of Corvette and NASCAR history!

Click here for a history timeline and almost two dozen vintage photos.

 Show Awards and Invitationals: Class Award at the 36th Annual Concours d’Elegance of America in July 2014.  Bloomington Gold Great Hall Special Display in June 2014. First Place Class Award and the Bill Rudd Honorary Trophy at the 36th Annual Ault Park Concours d’Elegance in June 2014. 2014 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance on March 9th, 2014. “Competition Corvette” display at the Corvette Nationals Show in November 2012.

Interesting Links: Read about the Chevrolet Engineering Cars that helped save the Corvette. More information is wanted about the Chevrolet/NASCAR SCODA Corvettes that raced in 1955 and 1956 at Daytona Beach and NASCAR tracks in the Carolinas.  Chevrolet’s answer to the Ford Thunderbird at the 1956 Daytona Speed Week in this 15-minute documentary on YouTube. Historic Timeline.

Credits: Noland Adams, Dave Bartush, David Burroughs, Chevrolet Archives, The Daytona Beach NASCAR Archives, Bill Gould/Auto Ancestry, Historic Speedway Group, John Hutchins, Tim Jones, Richard Miller, Chocolate Myers, Dick Whittington, Laverne Zachary

Special Thank-you… must be given to Loren Lundberg, for without his help the true identity of VIN #211 may have been lost forever and Gray Tuttle of Clinton, NC, who bought VIN

#211 from NASCAR in 1958 and was extremely helpful in identifying the “bones” and offering conclusive evidence that this was his old Corvette race car.

Key Players: Bill France, Paul Whiteman, Mauri Rose, Smokey Yunick, Hubert Westmoreland, Alvin Hawkins, Joe Hawkins, Chevrolet, NASCAR

Key Drivers: Pee Wee Jones, Junior Johnson, Ralph Liguori, Jimmy Massey, Bobby Myers, Gleyn Staley, Don Thomas, Herb Thomas

Comments of questions, email: [email protected]


Still Looking For NASCAR Corvette History…

Written by Waisner on October 6th, 2014

NASCAR Corvette History Wanted


Sports Cars were featured during the early years at Martinsville Speeday


The 2014 Monterey Collector Car Auctions…

Written by Waisner on August 25th, 2014

produced a new record of almost $400 million in classic and collector car sales. This new record shattered the last seven years’ record of $312 million in 2013, $260 million in 2012, $197 million in 2011, $172 million in 2010, $116 million in 2009, $140 million in 2008, and $135 million in 2007.

Some examples of Cars sold during the 2014 Monterey auctions:
1) 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Coupe… sold for $38,115,000.00
2) 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale… sold for $26,400,000.00
3) 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder… sold for $15,180,000.00
4) 1964 Ferrari 250 LM Coupe… sold for $11,550,000.00
5) 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Coupe… sold for $10,176,000.00
6) 1965 Ford GT40 Prototype… sold for $6,930,000.00

Yupp! The above figures are millions!!

Corvettes did not do well compared to the many multi-million dollar Ferraris but we did note that an ex-ProTeam 1968 Red/Red L88 produced $847,000.00 and a 1963 Z06 Tanker Coupe failed to sell at $1.1 million. Car collectors have realized that collector cars are the gold standard and are a tangible appreciating asset. Questions or comments, email [email protected]



Bloomington Gold Great Hall Induction…

Written by Waisner on July 1st, 2014

It was an honor to be among the ten to enter Bloomington Gold’s Great Hall in its final year. It was a humbling and exhilarating weekend. I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and meeting new people. This hobby is full of some truly remarkable individuals who share the same passion for the Corvette.

Terry Michaelis Great Hall induction speech


ProTeam’s Daytona Beach NASCAR 1953 Doubles-up at Ault Park Concours

Written by Waisner on June 13th, 2014

Napoleon, Ohio – – ProTeam’s Daytona Beach NASCAR 1953 Corvette recently took home two awards at the 37th Annual Ault Park Concours d’Elegance held in Cincinnati on June 8th. The historic car took home 1st in class in the Racing division as well as the coveted Bill Rudd “Best Vette” Honorary Trophy.

The Ault Park Concours d’Elegance is a well-heeled annual affair that has quietly become one of the more impressive car events in the country. The show features eighteen classes of classic, vintage, and exotic cars. This year’s Concours celebrated the “Art of the Automobile-Great American Design”. Special displays featured fifty years of the Mustang and the 100th Anniversary of Maserati and Micro cars.

ProTeam had three Corvettes accepted into the field of competition. The 1953 Daytona Beach NASCAR Corvette, the 1954 low-mile Corvette with only 1,455 actual miles and captivating backstory, and the 1962 GM Styling Show Car.

All three cars stood picturesque on the show field but only the 1953 Daytona Beach NASCAR Corvette captured the imagination of the judges. The historic Corvette took 1st place in the Racing Division and won the Bill Rudd Honorary Trophy named for one of the founding members of the Ault Park Concours who’s family keeps his spirit alive by honoring his favorite marque; the Corvette.

Terry Michaelis, ProTeam president, talked about the weekend, “Ault Park has become an annual event for ProTeam. It allows us to flex our muscle by showcasing the work our shop does and more importantly, the strength and significance of the world famous Corvette collection.” He added, “The Daytona Beach NASCAR ’53 fit this year’s celebration perfectly. It is very much rolling art and a true testament to great American design. Its accolades were well deserved.”

The Daytona Beach NASCAR 1953 Corvette Convertible, VIN #E53F001211, Chevrolet Engineering #3950, Race #27 is one of two, a 1953 and a 1955, that were reclaimed from the depths of Chevrolet Engineering. Work was done by Chevrolet Experimental Shop and Garage, subject title: “Rebuilding of NASCAR Corvettes for Stock Car Racing.” Delivered to NASCAR/Daytona Beach in time for the 7th Annual NASCAR Sanctioned Performance Trials and The Flying Mile competition in 1956. After Daytona Speed Week, the car raced at NASCAR’s Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem. This Dual Branding NASCAR/Chevrolet Engineering effort involved Briggs Cunningham, John Fitch, Z.A. Duntov, Ed Cole, and over 125 engineers and several 1953 to 1955 Corvettes that culminated with a win at Sebring in 1956 with John Fitch driving a 1955 Chevrolet Engineering Corvette VIN #1194 of which spared the Corvette from extinction. This is the earliest known Corvette to run NASCAR’s sanctioned events… and maybe the earliest Corvette (VIN) to ever race thus “A Pioneer of Speed”.

ProTeam’s world famous classic Corvette collection, Napoleon, OH. The inventory of 1953 to 2003 Corvettes is open to the public in climate controlled indoor showrooms. Many of these Corvettes have been beautifully restored to like-new condition and carry prestigious honors such as the Bloomington Gold Certification, NCRS Top Flight award, and the Triple Crown designation. ProTeam Corvette is recognized as the nation’s leader in classic Corvette sales, service & restoration selling an estimated 10,000+ Corvettes over the past four decades. Email: [email protected] or on the web: www.proteamcorvette.com

The Ault Park 38th Annual Concours d’Elegance is scheduled for the first weekend in June 2015 with proceeds of the event going to the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation, Ohio River Valley Chapter. Email: [email protected] or on the web: www.ohioconcours.com

ProTeam 1953 Corvette at Ault Park Concours d'Elegance 2014

ProTeam 1953 Corvette at Ault Park Concours d'Elegance 2014


ProTeam Receives 4 NCRS Top Flight Awards…

Written by Waisner on May 19th, 2014

at April 2014 event. This award originated in 1974 by the NCRS to recognize cars preserved or restored to the highest level of achievement as determined through the NCRS Flight process. Corvettes must achieve 94% to earn “NCRS Top Flight” in a rigorous judging process of operations check, exterior, interior, mechanical and chassis judging. Interestingly, all four cars received 100% during the operations judging process, which is a testament to the thoroughness of ProTeam key shop personnel and primarily Billy Rodenhauser. The four cars that received the honor are:

– 1962 Black RPO-687 Fuelie. Stk. 1081C

– 1964 White Factory Air Convertible. Stk. 1007E

– 1967 Blue 400hp Factory Air Coupe. Stk. 1014C

– 1970 Red ZR1 T-Top. Stk. 1057E

For more information on the hundreds of industry awards received by ProTeam and ProTeam’s World Famous Corvette Collection click here and then compare with any of ProTeam’s competitors including the TV famous auction companies. Click on our stock number link to check out these cars. Comments and/or questions, email: [email protected]

Classic Corvettes from ProTeam's World Famous Collection go 4 for 4 in NCRS Judging



Written by Waisner on April 18th, 2014

Terry Michaelis, ProTeam president, is prominently featured in Wallace Wyss’ latest barn find book:  “The Baroness and The Mercedes & 49 other Entertaining True Tales From the World of Rare and Exotic Car Collecting.”

The 272-page softbound book has 50 chapters on 50 different collector cars, many found gathering dust in barns or garages. Wyss selected Terry to write the introduction because Terry was responsible for finding two of the barn finds in the book–the L88 of Ronnie Lee Joyner and the tanker Corvette that was raced by Lang Chevrolet. Also in the book is the 1964 Worlds Fair Corvette.

“I knew Terry for 40 years but never realized his sense of humor until I read your website,” says Wyss. “He knows how to express the joy of the hunt.” Wyss also said Michaelis has by far the most memorable quote in the book. “At the end of each chapter I have a lesson-learned section where the reader can learn something from each example. In Terry’s case, on the ‘tanker 63′ he says: ‘Sometimes you just go to go with your gut.’ ”

The cover features the Prussian heiress who left her Mercedes behind at a Connecticut hotel before the outbreak of WWII and never returned. The car was eventually sold for over $11 million. This story is one among many including the Bizzarrini Manta prototype abandoned at Italian customs; the Maserati Boomerang prototype spotted on a street in Spain; the bubble topped Rolls Royce Wraith rescued from a nightclub; and the Ferrari 250GTO donated to a high school in Texas eventually selling for $52 million.

Wyss has authored ten automotive histories, including SHELBY: The Man. The Car. The Legend. (Enthusiast Books). You can purchase his book at the Enthusiast Books website.