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Information wanted | 1971 V.I.P. Export LS6

Information wanted | 1971 V.I.P. Export LS6 Convertible

1) VIN #194671S111499
2) Silver/Red
3) original, unrestored, and unmolested
4) 21,988 kilometers = 13,668 actual miles
5) GM export to GM Continetal Antwerpen, Belgium
6) Rumored: only export LS6 Corvette (1 of )
7) Rumored: 1 of 168 total LS6's produced
8 ) Rumored: 1 of 7 turbo-hydramatic with LS6
9) Rumored: 1 of 24 convertibles with LS6
10) Rumored: 1 of maybe 3 LS6's in SIlver/Red
11)  Rumored: special V.I.P. build for King Leopold III of Belgium
12) ownership (royalty) washed/hidden via Sweden (1973-1994)
13)  Fact: only known Corvette with a galvenized OEM
AO Smith frame and chassis components
14) Fact: production date of March 8th, 1971 (SDR)
15) Fact: export to Europe per NCRS/GM SDR
16) Fact: has GM Continetl Antwerpen homologation body tag
17) Fact: forensic inspection by John Ballard on February 18th, 2009
18) Fact: chassis sub-assemblies are a two component epoxy
19) Fact: no evidence that body has been off frame since birth
20) Fact: King Leopold owned a 1967 SIlver/Red convertible with similar options.
21) Bloomington Gold Special Collection 2009
22) Bloomington Gold Survivor award 2009
23) Corvette Nationals Invitational 2011
24) editorialized in Corvette Enthusiast magazine 2009
25) editotialized in the NCRS Restorer magazine fall 2009
26) Wanted: early history on this car
27) Wanted: person familiar with the King Leopold Society
28) Wanted: ex-GM employee to come forward with knowledge of this VI.P. export.
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1971 VIP Export LS^ convertible1971 VIP Export LS convertible

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