NASCARCorvette No. 211

Over $300 Million Dollars...

was raked in by seven collector car auction companies in January 2013; which is a huge increase over last January 2012 that hovered right at $240 million dollars. 2011 was a re-rebirth of growth in collector car/Corvette values and January 2013 saw many "leap frog" sale prices of extreme and moderately desirable collector Corvette. Highlights from the 7 January collector car auctions:
1957 Cascade Green 270hp, $121,900.00
1958 Charcoal Fuelie, $164,300.00
1962 Corvette Retro-Mod Custom, $408,800.00
1962 Corvette Retro-Mod Custom, $327,500.00
1962 Black Fuelie, $256,520.00
1963 Red Fuelie Split Window Coupe, $328,600.00
1963 Red 340hp Split Window Coupe, $291,500.00
1965 Black Fuelie Coupe (Stk. #1021E), $217,300.00
1966 Red 350hp Air Coupe, $137,800.00
1967 Blue 435hp Convertible, $265,000.00
1967 Maroon 435hp Convertible, $185,500.00
1967 435hp Coupe, $169,600.00
1967 Green 435hp Convertible, $164,300.00
1967 Green 350hp Air Convertible, (Stk. #1024E), $174,900.00
1968 White L88 Convertible, $1,100,000.00
1968 Blue L88 Convertible, $825,000.00
1968 Red L88 Convertible, $583,000.00
These are strong prices that show the popularity of Corvette collecting is again on the rise. Questions or comments? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1965 Corvette FI TankerT.Michaelis spent much of January watching and participating in the classic Corvette market

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