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A Historic Birthday Party…

Friday, January 17th, 2014

This past weekend January 9-11, 2014 local long time resident ED WITTWER celebrated his birthday with good friend JIM GESSNER who is one day older. Both men are avid Corvette enthusiasts who invited 38 friends from across America and Canada to join them at Ed’s shop, CORVETTE SERVICE, in Carpinteria, California.

The mission was to ”share” knowledge of some of the rarest Corvette models ever built, namely a 1957 fuel injection model with the very rare AIR BOX and H.D. Brake and suspension option. 43 cars were built in 1957.

Also inspected were four very rare 1963 Corvette Split Window coupes with the rare Z0-6 Options. 63 models were built with the 36 gallon gas tank, fuel injection, HD Suspension and brakes.

Noted expert KEN KAYSER from Michigan gave a one hour review on GM Engineering history on the 1957 era. Ken was a Chevrolet POWERTRAIN engineer from 1968-2008.

Restoration Shop owner and 1963 expert TONY AVEDISIAN from Gaithersburg, Maryland gave the seminar on the rare 1963 Corvette Z0-6 cars.

Two days of history was recorded by LARRY NIMMER PICTURES . We hope this history will be saved for future generations.
Regards, Jim Gessner and Ed Wittwer

NOTE: It was my pleasure to be part of this as both a friend and avid enthusiast. It is a joy to be part of this hobby and connected to its great people!


Thoughts on Chasing Tall Tales & Barn Finds

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Back in the 1970’s, we did not know just how deeply the Corvette was woven into America’s car culture, as its allure had not yet hit its stride. It would be a decade or more before we understood how entrenched the passion for the Corvette was. At that time, we drove them purely for the joy of a hot ride and as an extension of our own personality.

Working on a hunch backed by intuition has been my calling card since those early days. Whether it was an entire collection or a 1958 retractable hardtop, I learned to follow my instinct. There were plenty of wild goose chases but every once in a while a tall-tale became truth hidden under a tarp in an out of the way garage. Long hours, hundreds of miles and years melted away when the jewel was unearthed.

When opportunity knocks, it is important to open the door.

What keeps us motivated to bird dog these barn find cars? It is the thrill of the chase never forgetting the importance of doing your homework. It is what we in the hobby continually wrestle with; frustration versus pay-off.

We understand the real value of “The Find” comes only after the forensics and research validate the hunch. Only then can the conversation about restoration versus preservation take place. Only then can we consider historical importance as opposed to watching these cars run the course in freshly restored brilliance.

… And finally, ask anyone who has chased a storied car and they’ll tell you that these “barn finds’” real worth lie in the people who found them first. These owners’ lives are forever interwoven in the cars’ history and like the cars themselves; they are priceless barn finds as well.

Terry Michaelis, [email protected]

A Barn Find Jewel | 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe

It’s the People that make the hobby…

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Fresh off the trailer and into the collection. 1967 Corvette 327 Coupe, factory air, powerglide, numbers match, 76,577 actual miles. This Corvette was in the care of one owner for the  past 31-years.

As neat as the car is, my experience buying is proof that the Corvette hobby is littered with some really great people.

1967 Corvette 327 Coupe

From the trailer to the world famous Corvette collection


The Great Hall Class of 2013

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Ingenuity is the mother of invention…

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

as seen at Amelia Island 2013. A small leak did not sideline the 1963 RHD Z06 Export Corvette. Every old Mechanic is going to love this one.

1963 Z06 RHD Corvette | A Perfect Cigar Holder

A leak and a good bottle of wine…

Corvette Engine Sealed-up tight

Corvette Engine Needs a plug

A bottle of wine and cork

Did we mention it was a fine bottle? The cork a perfect fit

a trip to O'Reilly's for some ties and glue

Dick Langs 1963 Z06 was perfect for the errand

1963 RHD Z06 was ready for the Amelia Road Tour

1963 RHD Z06 was ready for the Amelia Road Tour

1963 RHD Z06 was ready for the Amelia Road Tour

1963 RHD Z06 was ready for the Amelia Road Tour

tMichaelis School of Ingenuity


Amelia Island Road Tour 2013…

Monday, March 11th, 2013

featured 2 Corvettes from the ProTeam World Famous Collection:

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe “Dick Lang’s Z06/Tanker Race Car, VIN #6553. 1 of the early “batched built” 1963 Z06 Corvettes that went to battle against Shelby’s Cobras.

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Export RH Drive Z06 Fuelie GM Show Car with 22,723 actual miles. Original. Unmolested. Big hit on the show field. Born on: 5/11/63. Delivered new for export to Australia. EXCELLENCE!

Great Weekend | Consummate Hosts | Old Friends | Great Atmosphere | Amelia Island Concours

Dick Lang's 1963 Corvette Z06/Tanker Race CarExport RH Drive Z06 Fuelie GM Show Car

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe "Dick Lang's Z06/Tanker Race Car", VIN #6553. 1 of the early "batched built" 1963 Z06 Corvettes that went to battle against Shelby's Cobras.

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Dick Lang's Z06/Tanker Race Car

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Export RH Drive Z06

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Dick Lang's Z06/Tanker Race Car

1963 Corvette Split Window Export RH Drive Z06 Fuelie

From ProTeam to primetime…

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

These bad boys go on the block in Kissimmee in two days (1/26/13).
- 1971 ZR2 Orange Corvette Convertible, Stk. #NSN-WOW
- 1968 L88 Red/Red Corvette Convertible, Stk #1129C

Classic Corvettes for Sale

'71 ZR2 Orange Corvette Cvt. | '68 L88 Red Corvette Cvt.

Rare Corvettes Reunited at NCRS Event

Friday, November 16th, 2012

ProTeam Hosts daylong NCRS Seminar featuring historic Corvettes

Napoleon, Ohio – - ProTeam Corvette hosted nearly 200 Corvette faithful at a NCRS Corvette seminar featuring some of today’s foremost Corvette researchers and a panel including the GM engineers who crafted the Corvette’s image and its sports car tradition. Still, the participants were over-shadowed by the real stars of the day-long event by three 1953-55 Corvettes fashioned by Chevrolet Engineering (Experimental Shop and Garage) for NASCAR stock car activity (racing) and a 1963 “Cinderella story”.

The three 1953-55 Corvettes on display were highly decorated and have left an indelible mark of the Corvette’s legacy on NASCAR and Sebring.  Among the three was #1194 that went onto wins in 1956 at Sebring with John Fitch and Walt Hansgen co-driving in this 12-hour race. Campbell-Ewald, Chevrolet’s advertising agency, celebrated the Corvette’s first international class victory with “The Real McCoy” advertisement which millions have seen.

Dick Lang’s storied 1963 Z06 Tanker Race Car was unveiled publically for the first time since its yearlong restoration. This is one of the early “batched built” 1963 Z06 Corvettes that battled Shelby’s Cobras back in 1963 and 1964. This car’s driver, Dick Lang, was one of the best Corvette drivers in the late 50′s and early 60′s. In 1963 Lang raced at Daytona International in two events; that weekend kicked off a winning streak including many notable podium appearances. In 1964, Lang’s Corvette stood alone alongside 4 Cobras in the top 5. It was this race when the fastest and most desirable cars in the world surrounded the Corvette and its story as America’s muscle car was written. Dick Lang’s Z06 Tanker is as testament to the driver and the celebrated legacy of Chevrolet Racing. The restoration was performed by the world famous Naber Brothers of Houston, Texas.

Terry Michaelis, ProTeam’s president, reflected on the daylong event, “This seminar really served two purposes. First was to spend the day with fellow enthusiasts and pick the brains of the people who were there when these classics first came off the GM line.  Secondly, we wanted to reestablish ProTeam Corvette as the leader in the classic Corvette community with access to our world famous collection. I believe we were a success in both categories.”

Images from this event for publication are available at:

ProTeam’s world famous collection has no peers. The quality of ProTeam’s cars is simply out of this world. We now bring you the finest selection/collection of Corvettes anywhere in the world! including many one of a kind and collector quality Corvettes.  The Holy Grail of Corvette Collections is open to the public Monday through Friday or visit ProTeam online at, email: [email protected], or call toll free at 888-592-5086.

ProTeam To Give Up Title…

Monday, June 25th, 2012

as world’s largest classic Corvette collection as we find it nearly impossible to sustain such a large collection of classic Corvettes of which quantitatively speaking has been as high as 245 Corvettes. ProTeam is currently negotiating with several well-known auction companies to come-up with a strategy to “cash-out” of over 100 premier classic Corvettes.

Visit ProTeam soon if you have never seen our massive collection that bulges out of our mere 60,000 sq. ft. showrooms, as it will not be as impressive as we turn the page into the future. We need your suggestion on who, where, and why the title “world’s largest” should go. Who has over 100 classic Corvettes from the years 1953 to 1982? Are they open to the public? Are the Corvettes owned or consignment? What good things has the collection or its owner done to influence the direction of the Corvette phenomenon and our hobby? Where is the “world’s largest” title going? Iowa? Florida? North Carolina? California? Wisconsin?… or will it stay in Ohio?

Email [email protected] with your questions, suggestions, and comments.

Z06 Corvette Delivered to ProTeam via Australia

Monday, April 9th, 2012

1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Z06 Export returns home from Australia

Napoleon, Ohio – - ProTeam Classic Corvette brought home a piece of GM hardware that is both historically important and desirable in any collection and on any continent. The 1963 Split Window Coupe Right Hand Drive Z06 Fuelie was delivered new to GM’s Sydney, Australia division where it sold privately in 1964. The expatriate enters as a jewel in ProTeam’s world class Corvette collection where its incredible journey may only be beginning.

The 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Export Right Hand Drive Z06 Fuelie is one of 199 with the Z06 special performance equipment and this one is radio delete. The Daytona Blue paint with Dark Blue interior are both original and in excellent condition. This Corvette drove off the factory line on May 11th, 1963 and delivered new for export to Australia (dealer code 2 in zone 21) per the official NCRS/GM Shipping Data Records.

ProTeam purchased the 1963 Split Window from the second owner. It is a GM Show Car with 22,723 actual miles. A very original unmolested car that would be a big hit on the show field, especially as a Bloomington Gold Survivor candidate. It was displayed in the 1963 Sydney and Melbourne Motor Shows while owned by GM and then purchased from GM in Sydney in 1964 through R.C. Phillips Sports Car World.

“The 50th Anniversary of Corvette’s Greatest Achievement is coming soon as September 17th, 2012 marks 50 years to the day when the Chevrolet Corvette was transformed into the iconic 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe.” Terry Michaelis, ProTeam Corvette president, commented on acquisition of this special Corvette, “The 1963 Split Window Coupe represents a hallmark of the famed Stingray and its design is endless without peers. Few car collections, personal or commercial, are without one such example.”

ProTeam is seeking information regarding this car’s build and purpose by Chevrolet/GM. They are specifically seeking the April 1980 Melbourne Sunday Press article concerning the Corvette convention and this Z06 Corvette. Contact Terry Michaelis directly at [email protected] if you have any information on this iconic Corvette.

ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales based in Napoleon, Ohio, showcases the largest inventory of classic Corvettes in the world. More than $20 million worth of Corvettes are displayed in 60,000 square feet of showrooms and restoration facilities in Napoleon with nearly 150 classic Corvettes on display at any time.  For additional information, contact ProTeam at P.O. Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545, call 1.888.592.5086 or visit