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ProTeam To Give Up Title…

Monday, June 25th, 2012

as world’s largest classic Corvette collection as we find it nearly impossible to sustain such a large collection of classic Corvettes of which quantitatively speaking has been as high as 245 Corvettes. ProTeam is currently negotiating with several well-known auction companies to come-up with a strategy to “cash-out” of over 100 premier classic Corvettes.

Visit ProTeam soon if you have never seen our massive collection that bulges out of our mere 60,000 sq. ft. showrooms, as it will not be as impressive as we turn the page into the future. We need your suggestion on who, where, and why the title “world’s largest” should go. Who has over 100 classic Corvettes from the years 1953 to 1982? Are they open to the public? Are the Corvettes owned or consignment? What good things has the collection or its owner done to influence the direction of the Corvette phenomenon and our hobby? Where is the “world’s largest” title going? Iowa? Florida? North Carolina? California? Wisconsin?… or will it stay in Ohio?

Email [email protected] with your questions, suggestions, and comments.

1982 Collector Edition Corvette…

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

a 30th Anniversary that shouldn’t be ignored. The 1982 Collector Edition was purpose built to say good-bye to a generation and usher in a new era for the Corvette. Definitely worth a second, third, fourth, and fifth look.

1982 Collector Edition Corvette

The 1962 Corvette Turns 50…

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

as 2012 marks its 50th anniversary. Many firsts and lasts were achieved with the 1962 Corvette. First year of the 327 cubic inch engine which pumped out 360 horse power with the fuel injection. Last year of the first generation C1 (solid axle) Corvette. The last year of the Corvette with a trunk and the last year of the exposed headlights. Comments/Questions? Email [email protected]

1962 Corvette from ProTeam collection

Congratulations and Thank you…

Friday, March 30th, 2012

John Amgwert, Jerry Burton, Richard Buxbaum, Corvette Expo, John Fitch, Jerry Kohn (Corvette Central), Kevin Mackay, Dave McLellan, NCCC (National Council of Corvette Clubs), Jerome Shinkay.  Welcome to The Great Hall as you are among a few dozen pioneers that helped influence the Corvette phenomenon and the direction of our hobby. The time has come to recognize the people, first and foremost, that helped charter the course to this point of The Great Hall… and this Bud is to you!!!

Terry Michaelis, ProTeam Corvette, NCRS member #136, SACC member #32, NCM member #873, Bloomington participant since 1974, Bloomington Great Hall Selection Committee Member.

Click here for more information on the Bloomington Gold Great Hall and other great Bloomington events.

Amelia Island Success…

Monday, March 26th, 2012

ProTeam’s ’62 Corvette Convertible, GM styling shop order car S.O.10224 spent some time as an invited guest at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and Tour d’Elegance. Great car and an even better event. It was honor to sit alongside some of the storied cars on the show circuit. It was even a bigger thrill to run alongside them on the tour. Learn and see more of this special car at the ProTeam website see more images from its weekend at Amelia Island here and here.

62 Corvette Convertible, GM styling shop order car S.O.10224

'62 SO 10224 at the Amelia Island 2012 Tour

Corvette March Madness…

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

with a flurry of classic car action in Florida. I will be in Amelia Island for the Concours d’Elegance traveling with our 1962 GM styling shop order car S.O.10224 at the annual invitation only event this weekend (March 9th-11th).

Then I will be traveling to the Auctions America by RM event in Ft. Lauderdale looking for some more horse power to add to the ProTeam Classic Corvette world class inventory. Follow ProTeam on twitter for dispatches from the road or like ProTeam on Facebook for more.

All signs show 2012 is going to be a good year for the classic Corvette hobby. I tend to agree. [email protected]

1962 Corvette GM styling car S.O.10224

1962 Corvette GM styling shop order car S.O.10224

Seventeen Corvettes…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

have just arrived at ProTeam and have traveled through the inspection and check-in process.
1982 Collector Edition Hatchback Coupe, 14,000 actual miles. NCRS Top Flight. Stk #1020D
1980 Coupe, two-owner, 4,000 actual miles. Bloomington Benchmark, NCRS McClellan/Bowtie and Triple Diamond awards (Frost Beige). Stk #1017D
1977 Coupe, two-owner, 4,155 actual miles, 2011 Bloomington Gold (Corvette Tan). Stk #1016D
1969 Coupe L88, Nabers Restoration. Factory side exhaust, documentation, Bloomington Gold/NCRS. (Lemans Blue). Stk #1012D
1968 Two Top Convertible, 390 hp, 4 speed, numbers, 3.70 posi. Fully documented (factory) and (one-owner) super rare (Corvette Bronze). Stk #1003D
1967 Coupe, 435 hp, FSE, headrests, shoulders, speed warning, PS, PB, 4.11. NCRS Top Flight awards. Body-off (Ermine White). Stk #1006D
1967 Coupe, 435 hp, numbers, 3-owner, FSE, PS, PW, M-21, F41, leather, tele, shoulders, tank sticker (Maroon/Tan). Stk #1019D
1967 Convertible, two-top, 435 hp, 51,621 actual miles. Body-off and Bloomington Gold. FSE, PS, PB, tele, headrest, 3.70 posi, M-21, F41, black vinyl hardtop, tank sticker (Maroon/Saddle). Stk #1011D
1966 Coupe, 350 hp, numbers, FSE, 5 Kelsey KO’s, warranty book/P.O.P. (Tuxedo Black… real). Stk #1008D
1966 Convertible, 300 hp, factory air, leather, PS, PB, teak (Red/Red… real). Stk #1014D
1963 Convertible, 360 hp, fuelie, NCRS Top Flight, owner history, sixteen 1st place trophies (Red/Red). Stk #1018D
1960 RPO-687 Fuelie, 1 of 2 with prototype 315 hp. NCRS Duntov award (Roman Red). Stk #1010D
1960 Two Top Convertible Resto-Mod with 383 NASCAR 500+ hp, Jerico 4 speed, Halibrand wheels (White/Red). Stk #1007D
1959 Roman Red Driver quality car with 350 automatic, hardtop, hubcaps. Stk #1013D
1958 Hardtop RPO-684, fuelie, HD brakes, suspension, wide wheels. Professional fully documented 6-year $242,000.00 restoration by one of the U.S.’s best restorers. Multiple BG/NCRS show awards (Silver Blue). Stk #1005D
1958 270 hp, 4 speed, numbers. Complete body-on restoration and ready for judging. Stunning Onyx Black with Red. Stk #1004D
1958 250 hp Fuelie, 4 speed with 2-tops. NCRS Top Flight and over a dozen 1st place trophies/awards (Signet Red). Stk #1015D
1955 Harvest Gold 265 ci, powerglide. From the Chip Miller Collection. NCRS Top Flight, AACA Hershey 1st and Bloomington Gold Special Collection. Full documentation. Stk #1009D
Capture your imagination? Questions? Comments? Email: [email protected]

On the grounds in Arizona…

Friday, January 20th, 2012

attending 5 collector car auctions. Prices are tending to be quite strong this year. Last year total sales in January was $157 million. The prediction for 2012 is $180 to $200 million.

A side note, with 1,300 vehicles on the auction block, this is the largest Barrett-Jackson auction in 10 years. The action continues until Sunday the 22nd. We’ve picked-up some great Corvettes & are bringing them back to Napoleon. Keep us bookmarked. We’ll keep you updated. More soon….

2012 Corvette Market Seminar…

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 8:30am to 11:30am at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ. 2 Sessions: Show and Tell & The Experts’ Choices. FREE admission for SCM/ACC subscribers, Barrett-Jackson bidders/consignors, Bloomington Gold-Certified Corvette owners, NCRS members. The best in the hobby converge to hear prominent voices in classic Corvettes talk shop. See you there. For more information, click here.

Liars, Fakers, and Half-Truth Tellers…

Friday, January 13th, 2012

consists of a list of Corvettes by VIN number that are not what they appear to be. This list continues to grow as we visit auctions and large Corvette shows. Many were either Red or Black Corvettes that probably started out life in less desirable colors as they had repro trim tags. Our Fakers list now has over 450 entries and is not shared with the public. I hope your recent Corvette purchase is not on the list! Authenticate before you bid or buy!! Direct comments to [email protected]