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Info. Wanted | Split Window Barn Mystery

Information Wanted | Split Window Barn Found Mystery Car VIN #816

1) VIN #30837S100816
2) Body #334
3) Build Date: B1
4) Paint: 900AA
5) Trim: blk
6) Production date: October 3rd, 1962 (SDR)
7) Ed Rinke Chevrolet Centerline, Mi.
8 ) Zone 44/Dealer 384 (one mile from GM Tech Center)
9) Black/Black 340 hp 4-speed
10) Original/unrestored/unmolested
11) Built October 1st or 2nd along with many famous Z06 race cars, ie: VIN #684, 701, 787, 809, 813, 875, and 895 which were probably batched.
12) It is believe that our car #816 is only one body number higher than the Bondurant Z06, #813 which is now owned by Vic Eldebrock.
13) Our car #816 has air ducting from the LH side core support to the firewall (see photos).
14) Could this be an engineering test car to evaluate the cockpit heat problems on the confined passenger area?, ie: black coupe  + 80 degrees = hot car. Maybe a pre-air pilot car or first test of astro-ventilation.
15) Engineering study or hack at home job?
16) Detroit area car owned once by William Edmonds of Novi, Mi.
17) Wayne State University decal
18) Banana Split Club decal:->
19) No racing modifications whatsoever
20) Does anyone remember this car?

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