NASCARCorvette No. 211

Information wanted | 1953 #211

Information wanted | 1953 #211 | Chevy Engineering Car

1) VIN #E53F001211
2) older restoration
3) White/Red/Black
4) period correct blue flame six with powerglide
5) rumored: reclaimed from depths of Chevy Engineering
6) rumored: body and drivetrain switch at Chevy engineering
7) rumored: equipped with a V8, 3-speed, & 1955-'56 rear end
8 ) rumored: donated to NASCAR for their SCORAD dirt track races
9) rumored: SCORAD = Sports Car Owners and Drivers
10) rumored: raced February 1956 at Daytona Speed Week events
11) rumored: track use in NASCAR events in North Carolina 'til 1957
12) rumored: had NASCAR kit/small plate windscreen & fiberglass half tonneau
13) rumored: sold in 1958 to a 16 year old
14) rumored: names associated with this car or people who may have knowledge: Alex Hawkins, Joe Hawkins, Smokey Yunick, John Hayes, Dave Bartush, Loren Lundberg, John Amgwert, Noland Adams, Dick Robinson, Frank Burrell, Ed Roche of NASCAR archives, the France family.
15) act: has V8 frame
16) fact: 3-speed firewall/probably 1955 re-body at GM
17) fact: has early clutch & brake pedal assembly
18) fact: transmission tunnel reworked
19) fact: had 1/2 tonneau cover
20) fact: weird gas tank cover
21) fact: extra holes inner fender & firewall
22) fact: extra holes in frame
23) fact: had mid mount tranny bracket (welded)
24) fact: has a (L-8-5) December 8th, 1955 (1956) rear end PT #3707306
25) fact: body is not typical 1953
26) fact: could find no shop order plate
27) fact: could find no frame numbers
28) fact: listed in the 7th edition of the 1953-'55 Corvette Registry as being in Florida

So...Is this the 1953 or 1955 race car per Registry of Corvette Race Cars or just a bunch of mismatched components?? email: [email protected] and enter "1953 #211" in the subject line.

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