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Information Wanted | Dick Lang Z06/Tanker

Information Wanted! Dick Lang's Z06/Tanker VIN #30837S106553 | Trim Tag/Build Date = E2, 63837 - Body 3553, STD Trim - 923A paint

1) Radio Delete Fuelie
2) Owned and raced by Dick Lang per past owner
3) Split window removed prior to past owner/1977
4) Late 1970's restoration by Mark Spencer + split reinstalled
5) NCRS/GM shipping data report shows the GM official production date of January 11th, 1963 and the original dealer code 367 in zone 9 (The Lang Chevrolet Co.)
6) Built within five days of Delmo Johnson, Mickey Thompson, Joslin's Z06's
- #6553 (Lang) built Friday, January 11th, 1963
- #6577 (Delmo) built Friday, January 11th, 1963
- 6669 (Joslin) built Friday, January 11th, 1963
- #6844 (Mickey) built Tuesday, January 15th, 1963
7) Resided almost 50 years within 15 miles of Lang's dealership
8 ) Delivered red with black interior
9) Raced SCCA A-production with white combo stripe on left hand side in 14 races
10) Lang Chevrolet, Xenia/Fairborn, Ohio
11) Mark Burcham, New carlisle, Ohio (past owner) since 1977
12) Teddy R. Stacy, Fairborn/Crystal Lake/Medway, Ohio (prior owner)
13) Mark Spencer/Marx's Body Shop, New Carlisle, Ohio
14) Ron Gorman, New Carlisle, Ohio
15) Does anyone remember this car?
16) Does anyone have old photos?
17) Wanted: parts for this car, ie: roll bar, brake drums, master cylinder, tank and cover, engine, FI unit.
18) Wanted: window sticker, dealer invoice, car shipper ($5,000.00 reward)
19) We want to return this car to race livery.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected]

DIck Lang 1963 Mystery Split Window Corvette

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