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This came in the mail today. How time flies. From dream to design, the NCM continues to capture the passion we all feel for these cars and the people who love them. #NCM25

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The 2015 Monterey Collector Car Auctions

... produced over $400 million in classic and collector car sales which is inline with 2014 results. Some examples of Corvettes offered for sale at the 2015 Monterey auctions:

1953 Corvette… NO SALE at $351,000.00

1956 Corvette… Sold for $297,000.00

1962 Corvette… Sold for $243,000.00

1963 Corvette 300hp Red SWC… Sold for $178,200.00

1963 Corvette 360hp Black SWC… Sold for $231,000.00

1963 Corvette 360hp Z06… NO SALE at $270,000.00

1967 Corvette 400hp White… Sold for $205,200.00

1968 Corvette L89 Green… Sold for $226,800.00

1969 Corvette L88 Blue… Sold for $810,000.00

1969 Corvette L88 Black… NO SALE at $756,000.00

1969 Corvette L88 White… NO SALE at $864,000.00

1969 Corvette L89 Blue… Sold for $178,200.00

1969 Corvette 435hp Silver… Sold for $216,000.00

1970 Corvette 390hp Blue… Sold for $118,800.00

1971 Corvette 365hp Red… Sold for $118,800.00

1972 Corvette 454 Yellow… Sold for $210,600.00

1972 Corvette LT1 Red… Sold for $135,000.00

1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car… Sold for $83,160.00

… Many of the above cars had very low miles.

Corvettes did well as the above results demonstrate. Car collectors have realized that collector cars are the gold standard and are a tangible appreciating asset. Questions or comments, email: [email protected]

Corvettes were a highlight at Monterey Auctions including this 1969 Corvette at Mecum