NASCARCorvette No. 211

UPDATE: Six ProTeam Corvettes…

have been consigned to the Mecum Kissimmee, Florida Auction, which takes place January 15th-24th, 2016 at the Osceola Heritage Park, 1875 Silver Spur Lane, Kissimmee, Florida. They are as follows:

1961 ProTeam Mecum- 1961 Red/Red Fuelie Two-Top RPO-687 and NCRS judged 2009. Will sell at NO RESERVE on January 23rd. Mecum Lot S126. Stk. 199Z - SOLD $104,000.00

1963 ProTeam Mecum
- 1963 Silver/Red Fuelie Z06 Tanker Split Window Coupe. Bloomington Gold, Special Collection, Hall of Fame, and NCRS Top Flight. Will sell with reserve on January 23rd. Mecum Lot S160 Stk. 1014F SOLD $781,000.00

1963 Mecum ProTeam
- 1963 Daytona Blue/Tan Fuelie Z06 Split Window Coupe. Naber’s restoration. Bloomington OEM Gold, NCRS Top Flight and multiple concours d’elegances. Will sell with reserve on January 23rd. Mecum Lot S204. Stk. NSN-DM SOLD $277,750.00


1967 ProTeam Mecum
- 1967 Marina Blue/Blue 435hp Convertible with 15,050 actual miles. Two-owner car that achieved NCRS Top Flight in 2015. Will sell at NO RESERVE on January 23rd. Mecum Lot S113. Stk. 1054F SOLD $214,000.00


1967 Mecum ProTeam
- 1967 Tuxedo Black/Black 350hp Two-Top Convertible. Paul Schuster restoration of a two-owner original motor car. Will sell at NO RESERVE on January 23rd. Mecum Lot S97. Stk. 1027G SOLD $121,000.00


1969 ProTeam Mecum
- 1969 Motion Phase III Corvette T-Top with 15,082 actual miles and excellent bulletproof documentation. Will sell with reserve on January 22nd. Mecum Lot F181. Stk. 1042E SOLD $126,500.00

All of these Corvettes are guaranteed to have their factory VIN and body/trim plates. Terry Michaelis will be on site to answer any questions and show perspective buyers/bidders the documentation.

Why is ProTeam/Terry Michaelis Selling at Auction?

- Over the last 40 plus years, Terry Michaelis has used the auctions to purchase inventory to stock his large showrooms in Ohio, spending sometimes as much as 2.5 to 3 million dollars at a single auction.

- Since the great recession of 2008 Terry has watched the high profile televised auctions, like Mecum, grow into power houses with thousands of “ready to spend” registered bidders that like the auction excitement and instant gratification of making a purchase and thus out bidding others, in essence they are a winner!

- At the same time Terry has reduced the ProTeam inventory from 230 Corvettes to 70 – 80 highly collectible Corvettes that were produced in very limited quantities, ie: single, double, and triple digit produced Corvettes like Z06’s, L88’s, LS6’s, ZR1’s, ZR2’s, fuelies, tankers, big brake cars, and so on… of which are generally not available at even the high profile venues, which generally sell driver quality “Joe Public” type Corvettes that are not highly collectible but do serve a purpose for the entry level Corvette buyer.

- Recognizing this, Terry understands that the highly collectible Corvettes are much more expensive and will only attract bids from the more seasoned, experienced, and affluent collectors who have a passion for purchasing truly rare and desirable Corvettes. For more information on the Mecum/Michaelis Experience click here.

- Look for more ProTeam Corvettes at auction as the 2016 auction calendar develops.

- Corvette collection estate planning and liquidation as it relates to auctions and/or outright purchase. Comments or questions, email [email protected]

- For more information on the Mecum Kissimmee Auction go to



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