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About Terry Michaelis

TERRY MICHAELIS is the owner of ProTeam Corvette and has bought and sold more than 10,000 Corvettes in his storied career. Michaelis began his Corvette love affair over 40 years ago on a local car lot. By the mid-1970’s, Michaelis was dubbed “King” of Corvette aftermarket parts. Michaelis and his brother, Fred, formed ProTeam Classic Corvette in 1987, where they assembled the largest most dynamic collection of classic Corvettes in the world. He has become such a world-renowned expert on Corvettes that his knowledge has been the focus of hundreds of radio interviews and newspaper articles, as well as a long list of industry publications. Terry continues to lobby for the collector Corvette community with the same passion and affection for over the top marketing that he first had when he parted out his ’61 in 1974.

Want more? In his own words:

"My name is Terry Michaelis and I and my brother, Fred Michaelis, have been in the Corvette business for over 40 years. We are the pioneers that helped jump start the popularity of Corvette collecting and the Corvette hobby phenomenon as we know it today. Few people know classic Corvettes better than Terry and Fred Michaelis as we strive to buy only authentic and legitimate classic Corvettes that possess much of their original unaltered DNA. Legitimate classic Corvettes are the benchmark for value and investment. We also are Corvette collectors and own many rare and hard to find classic Corvettes."

Michaelis oversees the daily operations, supplying Corvettes to customers around the globe. Through his in-depth knowledge of the Corvette market and his wealth of automotive passion, enthusiasm and extensive sales experience, he is able to search for just the right Classic Corvette to match each customer's personal and investment preferences.

Michaelis began his love affair with cars over 40 years ago when he began selling used cars at his cousin's Ohio dealership in 1971. On his 21st birthday, Michaelis applied for a used car dealer's license and was soon the owner of his own dealership. In 1974, he purchased a Corvette, a wrecked 1961, for a mere $250. Within a week, he sold the car's hardtop for $300, and soon provided parts to Corvette collectors and restorers across the U.S. By the mid-1970s, Michaelis was dubbed King of Corvette aftermarket parts, and was soon in charge of a company that had almost 200 employees and was grossing $500,000 a month in sales.

By the mid-1980s, the collector car market exploded and prices for Corvettes increased dramatically. As a result, it was more logical to repair and restore older models than part them out. With collectors hungry for restored and concours-quality Corvettes, Michaelis and his brother, Frederick, formed ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales in 1987. They began buying several Corvettes at a time, often 20 or more, and selling over 300 of the marque annually.

Since that time, Terry Michaelis has worked hard to position ProTeam as the source for investment-grade Corvettes, further positioning the Corvette market and serving as a consultant to the Corvette industry.He has become such a world-renowned expert on Corvettes that his knowledge has been the focus of hundreds of radio interviews and Associated Press newspaper articles across the U.S., as well as featured in such publications as: Automotive News, Wheels Magazine, AutoWeek, Old Cars Weekly, Auto Age Magazine, Vette Vues Magazine, Motor Trend, Cars & Parts, Super Chevy, Corvette Fever, Corvette Quarterly, Vette, Corvette Magazine, Automobile Magazine, Hot Rod Corvette. Corvette Enthusiast.

This blog serves as a look into the Corvette market through the eyes and experiences of the "General's Genuine Article".

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