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1965 Corvette Historical Facts

1965 Corvette Historical Facts (condensed version)
The 1965 Corvette production marked the end of the famed Rochester fuel injection and the beginning and end of the famed 396-425 hp Corvette Big Block!

A. 1965 Corvettes were produced from August 1964 through August 1965 with a total production of 23,564 of which only 8,186 were coupes.

B. 1965 marked the last year of the Rochester fuel injection (771 produced).

C. 1965 marked the first and last year of the 396 ci-425 hp engine for the Corvette (2,157 produced).

D. 1965 marked the first year that four-wheel disc brakes were available as standard equipment.

E. 1965 Corvette engine combinations were: 327-250 hp (2,551 produced), 327-300 hp (8,358 produced), 327-350 hp (4,716 produced), 327-365 hp (5,011 produced), 327-375 hp (771 produced), 396-425 hp (2,157 produced).

F. Some of the rare options were: C-48 heater and defroster deletion (39 produced), F-40 special suspension (975 produced),J61 drum brakes/credit (316 produced), N03 36 gallon fuel tank (41 produced), N14 side mount exhaust (759 produced ) and 4.56:1 ratio rear end (789 produced). Other very rare racing options also were available but that information has not been printed as of yet.

G. 1965 colors were: Tuxedo Black (1,191 produced), Ermine White (2,216 produced), Nassau Blue (6,022 produced), Glen Green (3,782 produced), Milano Maroon (2,831 produced), Silver Pearl (2,552 produced), Rally Red (3,688 produced), Goldwood Yellow (1,275 produced), and five 1965's had non-standard paint or primer.

H. Chevrolet built two 1965s after production officially ended July 31st.

I. The first 1965 was painted 1964 Satin Silver and coded ZZ (Cadillac's code for the same color) and currently belongs to a ProTeam client.

source: Corvette Black Book, Mike Antonick (2006)

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