NASCARCorvette No. 211

At Least We Aren't Contractors...

The Better Business Bureau came out with its annual report of reports. Of the 451,814 complaints filed over the past twelve months, contractors lead the field with just over 19,000 inquiries received. Auto repair related businesses ran a distant 2nd with just under 7,000; 6th place went to new auto dealers (franchised) with 4,500 inquiries, and 25th place went to used car dealers with under 2,000 registered inquiries. As a used car dealer, there is a certain pride knowing our industry has cleaned up its act and reputation in the past decade as the number of complaints decrease. We are now securely nestled between carpet upholstery cleaners (#24) and photographers (#26). For the record, it is true that a dead man tells no tales as funeral services had the fewest complaints with only 547 reports filed. ProTeam has its sight set high as our number one goal is to inspire the same passion for the Corvette that we have in each of our customers and that begins with great service from doorway to highway.

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