NASCARCorvette No. 211

Buy American...

Buy American... and save the domestic auto industry, millions of jobs, and our economy... yeah!!! How about a bail out plan that gives ALL auto manufacturers 5 years to install or bring back 90% North American auto content of parts used in the production of their cars and trucks and tax or sanction those who fail the 90% rule. Sure!!! It would be tough for the domestics but more so for the cheap imports that have been stealing our jobs and raping our economy. The imports would have to build more plants in the US and buy US produced components from the sub-contract manufacturing base thus the rebuild of our industrial/manufacturing industries which equals employment! Sell it here. Make it here!!! Call it protectionism. Call it whatever you want. It's beyond time that we take care of we!!! Just my two cents!!! email your comments to [email protected]

Obama... Well, here we go again... It's March 2009 and we have a new President that is poised to fix the economy, fix the health care system, fix our banking system, fix GM, Ford, and Chrysler, fix our crumbling roads and infrastructure, stop wars, catch Osama, fix and normalize relations with Cuba (foremost), Hugo, Iran, North Korea, and anyone else that we pissed-off over the last fifty years. Can he do it? Absolutely! Will we pay? Absolutely! Are we having fun yet? Yep! Did you get your share of the TARP bailout funds? Nope!? Me neither! There will be an opportunity for many people in the right place at the right time as the Billions/Trillions of dollars are allocated and spent on the many reforms that are coming our way... and hopefully these new rich people won't forget about our little ProTeam Corvette Sales operation in Napoleon, Ohio (pop. 9,182). email your comments to [email protected]

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