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Classic Corvette Inspection 101

A lifetime of desire can turn into a bankrolled disaster if you are not armed with some basics that this lifelong Corvette hobbyist swears by. These are the rules we swear by at ProTeam Corvette. The Corvettes in our collection must pass a series of "duck tests". Consider the following insider trading when scouring the Corvette classifieds in the local traders. Any questions, drop me a line at [email protected] 

First Class Inspection • 4 minutes or 4 hours? The time it takes to inspect a classic Corvette would depend on the purchaser's intended use (From an experienced vantage point). A) Resale = 4 minutes, B) To Drive & Enjoy = 4 minutes & test drive, C) To participate at NCRS or Bloomington Gold shows = 4 hours

Caveats: A)Items may not be as clear or real as they might seem. B) Title and VIN tag must match. C) Trim Tags must be the real deal. D) Documentation must be original (real). E) Bailing wire (substandard) type fixes/repairs are a reflection of the seller, previous owners, and the car. Run!... as more surprises are in order.

Best Advice: A) Pre-purchase inspections by you or a true marque expert. B) Buy the best car you can afford as that may be the car you'll sell some day. C) Walk the car from multiple angles. Look for old repairs, bows in the fenders, waves in the bodylines, wocky-jocky headlight fits. Make the car talk to you!! Does the hood fit in the hole properly. Check gap around doors. D) Never inspect a wet car (one in the rain) as water hides a multitude of sins. E) Dawn and dusk inspections also hide sins as will the bright sunlight, ie: two-tone paint. F)Know when to bid, hold, or fold!

TOOLS OF THE TRADE:  A)Bright Flashlight, B) Optic Loop or Magnifying Glass (10x20 power), C) Dental Mirror, D) Digital Camera, E) Mid-Year Trim Tag Die Gage, F) Sample of Original Trim Tags (bought at swap meet), G) Bifocal Glasses, H) Black Book & NCRS Specifications Guide, I) Research, J) Experience and Knowledge (most important)

Do Not Overlook These Items of Most Importance: 1) VIN tag and attachments, 2. title matching VIN tag, 3. body/trim tag (must be original), 4. body, 5. frame, 6. engine stamp, casting #’s & dates, 7. documentation (must be original) note: most do not have. Why? Looks, walks, quacks. Duck Test: The anomaly not the norm., 8. past judging certifications/judging sheets, how recent, 9. paint, bright work, fit, and finish, 10. mechanical, 11. the price.

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