NASCARCorvette No. 211

Comparison Shopping...

is not easy as not all Corvettes were created equal and not all Corvettes are restored equally... What is important to you?
A) just price?
B) VIN tag and attachments?
C) body/trim tag?
D) engine stamp pad?
E) body repairs?
F) documentation?
G) Bloomington/NCRS awards?
H) transmission?
I) rear end?
J) color combination?
Legitimate cars with legitimate components and legitimate documentation are becoming harder to find. Did you know that there is a database of Corvette VIN numbers (over 400) that are not legitimate and most information came from inspections of these cars at collector car auctions or judged events?

How does one compare the value of a black 1967 with a blue 1967 when GM made so few black Corvettes in 1967? Did you know that option combinations make certain legitimate Corvettes very hard to find and desirable?

Who does your due diligence and pre-purchase inspections? Are they qualified? Do they know the difference between real and memorex? How do you compare one Corvette on eBay or an auction TV show (if you're not there) with another? Comments, email: [email protected]

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