NASCARCorvette No. 211

Contemplating a Classic Car Raffle?...

look at partnering with ProTeam Corvette to supply your organization with a Corvette for your next charitable fundraiser. ProTeam has been at least partially responsible in raising close to 25 million dollars for some 30 different groups including the Ronald McDonald House, Corvette Club of America, Huntingtown FD, American Cancer Society, St. Bernard Church, Woodstock Lions Club, and a multitude of others.

We've heard from one happy client just recently: "I can tell you that we have developed a level of trust and confidence with you guys and the feelings are mutual. By the way, you might like to know that since we started this 24 years ago, St. Bernard has netted probably 1.75 Million dollars and we really didn't catch fire until we started working with you guys." - G.S., St. Bernards Church, Rockport, IN

Here are 8 more reasons to consider ProTeam as a fundraiser partner:
(1) Large Corvette collection/inventory.
(2) Marketing machine with an social networking presence which includes Facebook, Google+, & Twitter.
(3)  Electronic mailing list (almost 80,000).
(4) Very popular website ( with approximately 125,000 monthly user sessions.
(5) A very active and proactive internal media department that generates national attention with numerous articles online and in-print along with television network programming, ie: SPEEDtv "The Last Sting Ray."
(6) Attendance at numerous car shows from California to Florida but primarily the midwest.
(7) Repurchase agreement at an agreed price, should your organization offer a cash option to the raffle car winner.
(8) Been there... done it! We can help your organization develop a 3 to 5 year marketing plan that will allow your members to  minimize their involvement while continuing growth in your sales and success.

Corvettes are the most popular and successful marque used in automotive raffles. They are an American icon!!! If you are interested in discussing a partnership with ProTeam that DOES NOT END with your raffle car selection, email [email protected]

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