NASCARCorvette No. 211

Corvette Buying Tips

BUY THE BEST CORVETTE you can afford Today, because the Corvette you buy is the Corvette you'll have to sell Someday

BUY COSMETICS - - Buy paint and chrome, unless you have a shop and knowledge to control your costs.

RESEARCH - - Arm yourself with knowledge provided in the many Corvette publications.

DON'T TRADE OFF COSMETICS FOR A NUMBERS MATCH DRIVETRAIN - - It will always cost you more to restore (paint, trim, chrome, etc.) a Corvette needing restoration vrs. putting the proper numbers motor back in your vehicle if that's your venue. Numbers have become secondary to cosmetics and it's about time (full circle)

REALIZE THAT CORVETTES ARE OLD CARS - - Whether it be any 5, 10, 20, 30 year old car- They are just old cars. They require more attention than that new Chevy or Ford setting in your driveway especially if you don't take them for daily or weekly workouts. The best running and most reliable automobiles are those used on a regular basis.

THE MOST IMPORTANT IS GO OUT AND HAVE FUN - - DRIVE YOUR CORVETTE - - Join a club. Go to Cruise-ins. Put your Corvette in local shows (but don't take it personal). Wave at other Corvette owners- Enjoy!

BUYING ONE CORVETTE is the beginning of a collection and buying your second is never the end.

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