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Corvette wins American Heritage award...

ProTeam’s ace mechanic, Billy Rodenhauser, participated and received the NCRS American Heritage award for ProTeam at the NCRS National Convention awards banquet on Thursday evening July 25th.

“It was fitting to have Billy receive the Heritage award for ProTeam.” Terry Michaelis, ProTeam president, commented on the long hours by ProTeam’s lead mechanic, “Billy was very involved in the 2011 forensic disassembly and inspection of the Lang race car remains prior to restoration.”

Billy travelled with Terry to the April 2013 Bowling Green, KY NCRS Regional where the car received its sign-off nomination. Billy left for Hampton, VA on July 20th with car in tow and participated in the five day NCRS National event and then towed the car back in time to be placed on the show field on July 27th at the Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan.

The AMERICAN HERITAGE Award® was created by the National Corvette Restorers Society fifteen years ago in order to recognize Corvettes proven historically significant with regard to the marque’s legacy. These cars by their nature fall outside of the NCRS judging criteria, cars like GM styling and GM experimental. As for vintage race cars, they must have actual race history and be presented in the race form. It is an exclusive club. Only two to three vehicles per year have been accepted with only 36 Corvettes having received this award.

ProTeam found the famed Lang Z06 Race Corvette remains in New Carlisle, Ohio from the third owner who bought this car in 1977 for $250.00.

Terry Michaelis added, “We found it. We researched it. We oversaw the restoration. And now we are displaying the Corvette at many concours invitationals around the country, including the big one at Amelia Island, Florida. We will be rewarded when we decide to sell this significant Corvette as we have received offers close to one million dollars.”

In 1963 Lang and this Z06 first raced at the Daytona International weekend and by 1964, Dick Lang was the only Corvette driver among four Cobras in the top five standings. The legend had been solidified on those tracks and against the Cobra in the 1963 Corvette. Those challenges to the elite of the sport placed Corvette squarely as the face of America’s coming muscle car obsession.

Lang continued to race joining the DeLorenzo Owens-Corning team in 1969. The Z06 tanker Corvette lived life on and off the track for decades before being brought back to its better than new racing splendor by ProTeam and Nabers Restoration of Houston, Texas.

The ex-Dick Lang Z06 Tanker Race Car is on display in ProTeam’s world famous classic Corvette collection in Napoleon, Ohio. The inventory of 1953 to 2008 Corvettes is open to the public in climate controlled indoor showrooms. Many of these Corvettes have been beautifully restored to like-new condition and carry prestigious honors such as the Bloomington Gold Certification, NCRS Top Flight award, and the Triple Crown designation. ProTeam Corvette is recognized as the nation’s leader in classic Corvette sales, service & restoration selling an estimated 10,000+ Corvettes over the past four decades. Email: [email protected] or on the web:

1963 Corvette Z06 Dick Lange Race Car1963 Corvette Z06 Dick Lange Race Car


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