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Documentation and your old Corvette

What is Documentation: Documentation is generally referred to as factory and dealer delivery paperwork, ie: window sticker, tank sticker, shipper copy, warranty book/protecto-plate, dealer invoice, dealer bill of sale, owners manual packet.

Fact one: Most older (1953 to 1981) Corvettes do not have any form of documentation. A Corvette with documentation is the anomaly!

Fact Two: Bloomington Gold and NCRS judges do not judge documentation and documentation is not required to have your Corvette judged, other than a title and proof of insurance. These judges are generally quite experienced and judge by a standard and that standard I refer to as "The Duck Test" being; If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... it most likely is a duck!!! Sometimes the evidence of the "The Duck Test" is so overwhelming, especially when performed by the truly experienced, it replaces the real need for documentation (paperwork).

Fact Three: Sadly, the unreasonable and silly thinking that a Corvette without documentation has little value has created a covert cottage industry of entities and/or persons that make/print/create fake aged documentation.

Caveat Emptor: If documentation is a requirement leading to your purchase of an older Corvette, please hire an expert to affirm that the documentation is, in fact, real and not something that was generated to feed that silly notion that a Corvette must have documentation.

Who to contact for documentation affirmation: CCAS (Classic Corvette Legitimacy Affirmation, LLC), 318 Summit Str., Boonville, NY 13309, [email protected]

 CCAS, LLC will evaluate certain specific forms of documentation by personal inspection. Please inquire for details. 

Author: Terry Michaelis, [email protected]

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