NASCARCorvette No. 211

Great Legitimate Cars with Integrity...

Tired of looking at lumpy average old Corvettes that you were attracted to by price many, of which, were "prepared for auction" or "resale" and in many cases were only a figment of the creator's imagination? SO ARE WE! Our customers and visitors keep telling us that ProTeam's standard has no peers and that the quality and legitimacy of ProTeam's cars is simply out of this world.

We pride ourselves on trying to buy and thus sell the most legitimate "Real Deal" Corvettes that exist regardless of venue. These type Corvettes have value and integrity that will always rise to the top and will weather all economic cycles over time.

We do not want to be the cheapest, as you always (most often) get what you pay for... and in this vane, "We bring to you an opportunity to purchase from the finest selection/collection of legitimate Corvettes anywhere in the world!" So... BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!! Call, click, or stop by our Napoleon location.
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1967 Red Corvette 435 original factory body/trim tag1967 Red Corvette 435 original factory body/trim tag

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