NASCARCorvette No. 211

"Guilt" Over Being Market Leader

Leaders in any industry are frequently accused of gouging and cheating their way to the top. We accept that and happily address the people who make these claims. What some in the Corvette community do not understand is that we are at the whim of the price of these cars too. We don't manufacture classic Corvettes and then put them up for sale. It serves no purpose for us to artificially raise prices because we will pay the same prices we inflate to reload our collection. There is only a certain number of classic Corvettes. They are not making anymore of them. We actually tried to curtail the rocketing prices this past January by creating a "breath" between Scottsdale and the sale of the Corvettes we purchased. We were accused of trying to run up prices by not posting them. We were protecting the market and future ProTeam purchases. We are a catalyst for the market by our shear number of Corvettes and our presence on-line and in almost every Corvette publication nationwide. We accept that responsibility and understand that a stable, true, and fair market value on the Corvettes is in the best interest of everyone. Our sales and prices are market driven by results of past sales and public sales.


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