NASCARCorvette No. 211

Monterey Madness...

When Bad Data is Good News and $118.7 million is Pretty Good! Five auctions in three days sold 558 classic cars. The average price was $212,711.00 per unit. 67% of the cars crossing the block went home with new owners. However, when compared to 2008, the numbers look a bit scarier, ie: nearly $139 million in sales in '08, 70% sold, average price was $367,000.00 (+). All told there was a 17% decrease in sales from this year to last. The numbers don't reflect the real story though. Experts, garage mechanics, and weekend warriors have all been reading the tea leaves for twelve months and they knew what would happen. There were no surprises and some real highlights like the $7.25 million paid for the Shelby Cobra. There was no speculating or nay-sayers just real bids for real cars and this is the real news out of Monterey for the collector car market and the enthusiasts who inhabit the hobby. Email: [email protected]

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