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Nominate Someone for the Great Hall...

I have again been asked to serve on the Bloomington Gold Great Hall Selection Committee so if you know of someone (including yourself) that you believe deserves to be inducted into the Bloomington Gold Great Hall, please send your nomination to [email protected]. However, the standards criteria are quite high.

To qualify, a selection committee* will review all nominations and evaluate the strength of their contribution to the Corvette community, how much they influenced the direction of the Corvette hobby, or how historically important their accomplishment(s) have been. If you can answer these three questions easily, then your nomination may have a good chance of qualifying as one of only 50 people to be inducted during the five year program.
1. Specifically, what did this person do to contribute to the greater good of the Corvette community? What did they give?
2. Specifically, how did this person influence the direction of the Corvette community?
3. Specifically, what accomplishments did this person make that were or are historically important?

Anyone nominated with supporting documentation why they should be inducted will be considerably more likely to increase their odds of being inducted. Remember, it’s not a popularity contest. It’s about who really had an impact on the Corvette hobby, industry, or community.

The Great Hall has already inducted 20 individuals over the past two years. There are 3 years remaining in the program and therefore 30 open induction slots. Send your nominations (and reasons why) today.

Next month you can nominate specific Corvettes for the Great Hall.

*Selection Committee: Bill Lock, Terry Michaelis, Mike Yager, Bill Mock, Jim Prather, Gary Mortimer, Roger Judski

Comments or questions? Email [email protected]

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