NASCARCorvette No. 211

Seventeen Corvettes...

have just arrived at ProTeam and have traveled through the inspection and check-in process.
1982 Collector Edition Hatchback Coupe, 14,000 actual miles. NCRS Top Flight. Stk #1020D
1980 Coupe, two-owner, 4,000 actual miles. Bloomington Benchmark, NCRS McClellan/Bowtie and Triple Diamond awards (Frost Beige). Stk #1017D
1977 Coupe, two-owner, 4,155 actual miles, 2011 Bloomington Gold (Corvette Tan). Stk #1016D
1969 Coupe L88, Nabers Restoration. Factory side exhaust, documentation, Bloomington Gold/NCRS. (Lemans Blue). Stk #1012D
1968 Two Top Convertible, 390 hp, 4 speed, numbers, 3.70 posi. Fully documented (factory) and (one-owner) super rare (Corvette Bronze). Stk #1003D
1967 Coupe, 435 hp, FSE, headrests, shoulders, speed warning, PS, PB, 4.11. NCRS Top Flight awards. Body-off (Ermine White). Stk #1006D
1967 Coupe, 435 hp, numbers, 3-owner, FSE, PS, PW, M-21, F41, leather, tele, shoulders, tank sticker (Maroon/Tan). Stk #1019D
1967 Convertible, two-top, 435 hp, 51,621 actual miles. Body-off and Bloomington Gold. FSE, PS, PB, tele, headrest, 3.70 posi, M-21, F41, black vinyl hardtop, tank sticker (Maroon/Saddle). Stk #1011D
1966 Coupe, 350 hp, numbers, FSE, 5 Kelsey KO's, warranty book/P.O.P. (Tuxedo Black... real). Stk #1008D
1966 Convertible, 300 hp, factory air, leather, PS, PB, teak (Red/Red... real). Stk #1014D
1963 Convertible, 360 hp, fuelie, NCRS Top Flight, owner history, sixteen 1st place trophies (Red/Red). Stk #1018D
1960 RPO-687 Fuelie, 1 of 2 with prototype 315 hp. NCRS Duntov award (Roman Red). Stk #1010D
1960 Two Top Convertible Resto-Mod with 383 NASCAR 500+ hp, Jerico 4 speed, Halibrand wheels (White/Red). Stk #1007D
1959 Roman Red Driver quality car with 350 automatic, hardtop, hubcaps. Stk #1013D
1958 Hardtop RPO-684, fuelie, HD brakes, suspension, wide wheels. Professional fully documented 6-year $242,000.00 restoration by one of the U.S.'s best restorers. Multiple BG/NCRS show awards (Silver Blue). Stk #1005D
1958 270 hp, 4 speed, numbers. Complete body-on restoration and ready for judging. Stunning Onyx Black with Red. Stk #1004D
1958 250 hp Fuelie, 4 speed with 2-tops. NCRS Top Flight and over a dozen 1st place trophies/awards (Signet Red). Stk #1015D
1955 Harvest Gold 265 ci, powerglide. From the Chip Miller Collection. NCRS Top Flight, AACA Hershey 1st and Bloomington Gold Special Collection. Full documentation. Stk #1009D
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