NASCARCorvette No. 211

Shelby Cobra Brings $7.25 Million...

At Mecum's inaugural Monterey, Ca. event, the storied 1965 Daytona Shelby Cobra Coupe established a new standard by which all future classic car sales will be set. Racing's crown jewel and Carroll Shelby's capstone went for $7.25 million. This car was one of the six purpose built by Shelby as Ferrari killers. This particular car, CSX2601, clinched the 1965 World Manufacturers Championship and Shelby American in France each with legendary driver Bob Bondurant at the wheel. The  sale of this car has added to a ripple effect of cars with historic provenance coaxing the classic car market back to life. These auctions, car shows, cruise-ins, and Saturday afternoon's in the driveway remind us all that no one regrets investing in a great classic car. This Shelby Cobra may just bring sexy back to American muscle. Email: [email protected]

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