NASCARCorvette No. 211

Split Window Coupe Barn Found Mystery

340 hp, 4 speed, VIN #816, body #334. Low mile original and unrestored. More information wanted. That was built on October 1st or 2nd with the following famous Z06 race cars VIN #684, 701, 787, 809, 813, 875, and 895. It is believed that our car #816 is only one body number higher than the Bondurant Z06 #813 that is now owned by Vic Eldebrock and there is special air ducting from the front core support to the firewall. Our car #816 was sold new by Ed Rinke Chevrolet of Centerline, Michigan dealer 384/zone 44 which is about one mile from the GM Tech Center. Does anyone remember this car? Black/Black and untouched and unmolested!!! Click here to see more of #816. email: [email protected]

ProTeam Corvettes 63 Split Window MysterySplit Window Coupe Barn Found Mystery

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