NASCARCorvette No. 211

Tangibles Versus Fantasy...

Did your 401K turn into a 301K or 201K a couple of weeks ago?

Many people I know still like to keep their money or at least part of it in tangibles, ie: collectibles, real estate, and, of course, Corvettes and at the end of the day they, at least, have something they can touch, use, and enjoy and not be at the mercy of the whimsical minute to minute greedy market shakers, market makers, and market breakers.

Collectible Corvettes have a track record that transcends decades and their popularity knows no boundaries as evidenced by our customer base of 38 foreign countries and all 50 states.

At light at the end of the tunnel? Need proof?... Barrett-Jackson in Vegas Does 27 Million in the inaugural event taking place October 16th-18th, 2008. Proof that there was no shortage of money for collectible cars considering that this was a first time event/location that took place shortly after the post bailout financial scare.

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