NASCARCorvette No. 211

Terrys A-List (When money is no object)...

1963 GRAND SPORT • 5 produced • value $6 million and up (good luck)... none for sale

1969 ZL1 • 2 produced • value $3 million and up (good luck)... none for sale

1967 L-88 • 20 produced • value $1.5 million and up (good luck)... none for sale

1968/69 L-88 • 196 produced • value $350K to $750K (They are out there)

1971 ZR2 • 12 produced • value $350K to $650K (4 known to exist)

1967 L-89 • 16 produced • value $450K to $750K (few known to exist)

1953 BLUE FLAME • 300 produced • value $300K to $500K (VIN 003 sold for $1 million; VIN 005 sold $850K)

1963 Z06/TANKER • 63 produced • value $275K to $400K (add for race history)

1970-'72 ZR1 • 53 produced • value $125K to $200K (few exist)

1971 LS6 • 188 produced • value $125K to $200K (not hard to find)


A) must be the real deal... not fakes or frauds

B) Colors (Black) adds a lot... must be factory original body/trim tag

C) Original documentation, history, and Bloomington/NCRS show awards adds a lot

D) Original rare options adds a lot (set of Kelsey bolt-on wheels & red stripe tires sold on eBay in '06 for $33K)

E) Original, unrestored in excellent condition adds a lot.

F) Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). We are adrift in a sea of sharks disguised as mermaids.

G) When it is time to sell... be a smart seller. High-profile events like the Barrett-Jackson and Mecum Muscle Car auctions will get you more money for your car than newspaper and trade publication advertisements. Plan ahead if you’re considering selling your baby: seek good lot numbers (pay a premium if you must) and baby-sit your car during the event to answer questions and show pride in your car – it is a reflection of you, and people simply pay more if they like the seller.

A-E Equals an overall package and desirables.

Much of information is based on writer's personal knowledge and prices achieved at high profile public auctions.

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