NASCARCorvette No. 211

The Next Decade...

will be an interesting episode in the Corvette hobby and especially for those of us who have made their income exclusively from that hobby for almost 40 years but before we look forward lets look back at the last decade of which I prefer to forget and put way behind me... why? Well, lets look at some of the last decade's highlights and headlines:
a) tech boom/bust
b) 9-11-09
c) War in Afghanistan
d) War in Iraq
e) residual effect of NAFTA
f) many relatives passed
g) Ponzi schemes
h) Wall Street musical chairs
i) real estate run-up and bust
j) 2008 gas pump price reality meet speculation
k) Fannie/Freddie collapse/Bailout
l) AIG Collapse/Bailout
m) TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) Funds
n) CPP (Capital Purchase Program)
o) Stimulus Packages
p) Cap and Trade Green Energy Tax
q) Clash for Clunkers
r) Impending Global Warming Disaster?
s) Washington's continued aid and abetting of business greed and corruption
... do I need say more?
My list of events probably has effected the lives of every American in some form or fashion and as we look forward to the challenges and rewards of the next decade, I can only speculate that successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and Joe Q Public will be less inclined to reward themselves with second homes, planes, Corvettes, and other luxury items unless, of course, it is kept from view of their neighbors, employees, and newly born government agencies that will be there as a luxury oversight entity. NO QUITE DONE YET! HELP!! I am sure that the above will guarantee much comment of which can be emailed to: [email protected]

Buy... Sell... Trade... or Dream... Just about every Corvette owner I know, including me, started out as a dreamer and probably with magazines like Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Road & Track, Super Chevy among others, when we were still in school. Remember Miss Hurst and Linda Vaughn?... and 99% of us could not afford a Corvette until later in our lives. We worked hard and with success, we became buyers. Life sometimes got in the way and we became sellers. In a decade that will have historians and novelists wondering how the hell we made it through in one piece, we became survivors. Now, after taking a collected breath and a well deserved break from the doom and gloom, isn't it time we become dreamers again? Remember, I've got your dream right here.

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