NASCARCorvette No. 211

Three Special Corvettes... that I really like

A) 1963 Sebring Silver Split Window Fuelie with an original GM OEM body, motor, transmission, and rear end in show condition as evidenced by its June 2009 NCRS certificate and judging sheets. Most deducts were related to over restoration (I like that) and operational issues (since fixed). This is an absolute beauty that I know well. ProTeam Corvette stk #1053A

B) 1968 T-Top Pre-Production Pilot Line Car, VIN #15 [escapee]. This probably is the first t-top ever built as the 1968 t-top production was delayed to around VIN #10,000 due to body development/launch problems. This car probably spent the first six months of its life at the Milford Proving Grounds doing body development duty. This is a very important car as the t-top launch in model year 1968 proved so successful that it finally replaced the convertible by 1976. 477,275 t-tops were produced from 1968 to 1982 and this is probably the first t-top ever produced. This Corvette is a gift a $50,000.00 which is subject to change in late August. ProTeam Corvette stk. #203X

C) 1970 LT1 Convertible is a very rare car as only 1,287 were produced with only 30% being the convertible. The combination of being a red convertible and having factory documentation makes this a less than  1 of 50 in the world. ProTeam Corvette stk. #1049A

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