NASCARCorvette No. 211

Two Special Corvettes... that I really like

A. 1967 Goodwood Green L89 Coupe with its original motor. One of only 16 produced in model year 1967 and one of only three known to have its original motor. Simply known as the Ed Cole Brass Hat COPO "Special Handling" car. This well-known show car is available with original Kelsey bolt-on aluminum wheels from ProTeam's Personal Reserve Collection at $275,000.00 for a very limited time.

B. 1969 Lemans Blue L88 T-Top with restoration motor, M-22, and 4.56 posi. The owner history reads like the who's who of the Corvette hobby. This car is available from ProTeam's Personal Reserve Collection for $225,000.00 for a very limited time and is an absolute steal (gift).

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