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What is an L88? What makes an L88 Different?...

What is an L88 Corvette?ProTeam Corvette L88ProTeam Corvette L88

Why were they built?
Zora Duntov wanted a factory production Corvette capable of winning major racing events. Duntov and Richard Keinath further developed the Mark IV 427 engine and introduced the L88 in 1967.
What did it compare to?
Other than Ford's Cobra and Shelby variations, there were really no other factory produced cars of this caliber.
Who bought them?
People who wanted to go fast and win!
• Road racers (LeMans, France, Daytona, Sebring, Elkhart Lake, etc.)
• Drag Racers
Why was the 1969 the last year?
• Emission standards
Why is it so collectible, today?
• Rare and limited production
- 20 in 1967
- 80 in 1968
- 116 in 1969
• Horsepower highpoint
• Unique options
• Racing history on famous tracks
• Mystique and lore
What make an L88 Different ?
• 560+ horsepower
• 12.5:1 Compression
• Special open plenum intake manifold
• 850 CFM Holley carb
• Aluminum cylinder heads
• Road draft tube to vent crankcase vapors
• Large aluminum radiator (instead of copper to save weight)
• No fan shroud
• Racing fuel (103 octane)
• Transistor Ignition
• Heavy duty reddish/brown ignition wires
• Unique distributor with "brown" cap
• Mechanical vs. vacuum advance
• Heater block off plates on passenger firewall
• Heavy duty transmission
• Heavy duty brakes
• Heavy duty suspension
• Proportioning valve below master cylinder
• No radio
• No heater
• Plugs in dash where heater/vent pulls would normally be
• Fuel warning sticker in console (103 octane)
• Special holes & filter built into the raised hood to draw intake air from base of windshield
• No radio antenna
How much extra did it cost ?
The L88 option - 427 cubic inch/430 horsepower: $947.90
Delete the Heater and Defroster - C48 (Credit): (-) $97.85
Delete the Radio
Power Brakes: $42.15
Special Heavy Duty Brakes option - J56: $342.30
Transistorized Ignition - K66: $73.75
Special Heavy Duty Suspension package - F41: $36.90
Heavy Duty 4 Speed Transmission - M22: $237.00
Posi-Traction axle option - G81: $42.15

Total cost to order the L88 option: $1,623.40
Coupe (Base Price with L88 Option): $6,012.15
Convertible (Base Price with L88 Option): $5,864.15

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