NASCARCorvette No. 211

Who do you trust?...

A report released by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) categorized nearly a half million complaints into 70 different categories over a 12 month period. The niche market vacuum cleaner service received the fewest complaints (1,244) where as much maligned remodeling contractors were all alone at the top with 33,125 reports. Auto Repair (7,664), Finance Companies (5,921), Attorneys (4,628), accountants (3,909), financial planners (3,771), and bankers (3,246) all appear in the top half of the list. Used car dealers rank below local charities in the complaint department, albeit just one spot, sitting in the 42nd (2,638) position. We would like to think it was a testament to hard work in an industry that often finds itself in no win situations. We would like to think this downward trend will put us in the neighborhood of the chimney sweep (1,442) twelve months from now but only time will tell. What we can guarantee is at ProTeam, we will continue to work to make your Corvette buying experience exceptional so you can answer the question of "Who do you trust?" with an ecstatic "ProTeam Classic Corvette." Comments, email: [email protected]

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